Mapathon 1. May 11, 2019

We also conduct mapathons aka mapping marathons to teach mapping volunteers how to map mental health resources through workshops.

In these mapathons, we map mental health services and resources via OpenStreetMap (OSM) in a goal to make these mental health spatial data available to everyone.

For our next workshops, we will also be introducing how to map these resources using the new mapping platform, aside from OSM.

Our first mapathon was held last May 11, 2019 in partnership with the UP Department of Geography. mapathon1 Aside from the mapathon proper, we had talks on mental health by our resource persons who are also fellow mental health advocates. The program followed the following schedule. Mapathon Program We also used these resources and instructions: Points/resources mapped using our MapContrib page during Mapathon 1 can be seen here: Thank you so much, guys! <3 mapathon

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See you on our next mapathons!