MHAPH Core Team

Mental Health AWHEREness wouldn’t be possible without the help of our volunteers! The project is currently self-funded and all the work comes from the heart of our advocates and volunteers!

We’re also looking into expanding the map into South-East Asia via our fellow mental health advocates from their respective countries. If you want to partner with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Andi Tabinas

President; Founder

Andi Tabinas is a Geospatial Scientist and public servant who works as the lead for the data management division of DSWD’s ICT Management Service. She’s also a licensed Environmental Planner and a Career Executive Service Eligible.

Toshi Villanueva

VP for Finance and Admin

Reichele Corona


Paulo Larracas

VP for Creatives and Communications

Pearl Mars

VP for External Affairs and Partnerships

Jasmine Alviar

VP for Internal Affairs and Membership

Vann Louis Burias

Co-Lead for Internal Affairs and Membership

Eric John Visda

VP for Education and Training

Ronn Avila

Co-lead/Mentor for Education and Training

John de Luna

VP for Mapping and Technology

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